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Creating our plans

Your energy future

Creating our plans

Your energy future

We are listening to our customers and stakeholders, because we know that as the energy system evolves, so do your needs.

We are now starting to build our plans for the next regulatory period, RIIO 2, which begins in 2021. We need to submit these plans to our regulator, Ofgem, in 2019, and are currently building an engagement programme based on what stakeholders have told us are their priorities. What we hear as part of this engagement will then form the basis of our future plans. You can find out more about our engagement work and business plans on the Electricity System Operator, Electricity Transmission and Gas Transmission pages of this site, or to stay updated, please sign up on the 'Contact us' page of this website.

For RIIO 2 we will be using a tried and tested engagement approach, called constructive engagement, which is based on a combination of what is done in the water and airport sectors. 

This involves building our future plans directly with a broad stakeholder community while working with our new independently Chaired stakeholder groups to challenge and review our approach to engagement.  These stakeholder groups will also scrutinise the outputs we plan to deliver, associated costs and plans for managing uncertainty as well as how we should be incentivised.  Alongside our own engagement activities, and independently Chaired stakeholder groups, Ofgem will create a RIIO 2 Challenge Group to consider the affordability and sustainability of the Electricity Transmission and Gas Transmission plans.

The groups will each submit a report to Ofgem in addition to our own submissions. You can read Ofgem's RIIO 2 Enhanced Stakeholder Engagement Guidance document by following this link.



To do this, we have a phased approach, details can be found below.


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Listening to our stakeholders is something we do as part of our day-to-day activities. Now we’re bringing together the outputs of all our engagement activities from across the business and creating additional activities as part of a coordinated programme of engagement. This is a key part of our business planning process.

The formal ‘Listen’ phase for our RIIO 2 plans came to an end in March 2018, but we will continue to listen throughout the whole process. From the listen phase, we established the stakeholder priorities, which our future engagement activities will be based on. 

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The phase we’re calling ‘Co-create’ is where we build on your priorities, working with you to develop the detail around our business plan proposals. Under each priority, we have identified a number of topics, and we’ll work with you through a variety of channels to create our plans. We’ll also provide regular updates to let you know what we’re doing and how you can get involved.

This phase runs from April 2018 to the end of the year and is where we get into the real specifics of our plans. We’ll work with expert stakeholders on each topic but also make sure we involve our wider stakeholder community, including members of the public, in the decision-making process.

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During this stage, we’ll publish our full business plan for you to review and comment on ahead of our submission. This will give you the opportunity to understand how your views have shaped our proposals and comment on our whole plan, and its impact on customer charges and household bills. 





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Running alongside our engagement, we are establishing stakeholder groups to provide further independent input and challenge to our business plans. Two separate independently Chaired groups will be used for the Electricity System Operator and the Transmission businesses (gas and electricity). These groups will give us greater certainty that our plans meet the needs of our stakeholders including consumers.

Alongside and in addition to the independently Chaired stakeholder groups and our own engagement activities, Ofgem will create a RIIO 2 Challenge Group to consider the affordability and sustainability of the Transmission businesses' plans. We’ll share more details on this as they develop.



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