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Get involved

We'd like you to help us build our plans

Get involved

We'd like you to help us build our plans

We’re splitting our engagement into three phases: ‘Listen’, to establish your priorities; ‘Co-create’, to build the detail of our business plans with you; and ‘Propose’, to check our plans will deliver what you need.

We’re now in the ‘Co-create’ phase and we’ll be engaging with you in a variety of different ways across a number of themes. We're engaging on the themes below, if you would like to get involved please contact Gary Stokes

The Electricity Transmission Stakeholder Newsletter

Read the latest newsletter (December 2018) to find out what else we've been working on.

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The first Chris Harris' blog about the benefits of an electricity transmission network for the consumers of the future is available here.

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From our ‘Listen’ phase, we confirmed your priorities, and our engagement themes are based on these. Click here to see our report from this phase.

We listened to more than 2,000 consumers who told us that their priorities are for -

  • An affordable electricity bill
  • A reliable electricity network
  • A sustainable electricity network 
  • Minimised disruption to their lives


We will deliver on these consumer priorities by meeting our stakeholders' priorities below.