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Gas Transmission

Tony Nixon explains how you can get involved

Gas Transmission

Tony Nixon explains how you can get involved

Welcome to Gas Transmission

Gas delivers the greatest share of Great Britain’s energy today for households, businesses, industry and power generation. We are still seeing thousands of new domestic gas connections every year; and across the EU, gas demand levels rose in 2015, and again in 2016.

The energy landscape is changing: decarbonisation, new sources of gas, customer needs and increasing gas and electricity interactions are changing the way the Gas National Transmission System operates.

It's been 50 years since the first North Sea gas flowed into Bacton in Norfolk.  Since then the network has developed significantly and the way that the network is being used is changing, which creates new challenges. 

Cyber attacks on our energy infrastructure are a reality. As our transmission system is vital to delivering energy in the UK, it is vital that we continue to work with stakeholders to understand and address the threat, whilst mitigating the risks cost effectively.

Together, we need to make some decisions on how to manage, maintain and operate the system of the future, and to ensure we deliver the right products and services for customers at a fair price. 

We’re currently preparing for our next business plan submissions to Ofgem (the next regulatory period, RIIO-2, begins in 2021), whether it’s for our RIIO submissions or our annual planning process, we will listen and co-create our business plans with you to deliver the Gas National Transmission System of the future.

You can find out more about how we build our business plans or how to get involved.

This is a new approach for us and I’m excited about working with you to shape the gas transmission system of the future


Tony Nixon

Head of Gas Transmission Regulation


You can find more information about the RIIO model by visiting the regulator's (Ofgem) site here.