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We'd like you to help us build our plans

Get involved

We'd like you to help us build our plans

The ‘Listen’ phase of our engagement will continue while we move on to the next phase, where we start to shape our business plans with you. You’ve told us you want us to focus on the following priorities: 




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Gas Transmission Capacity Baselines/Gas Year vs Regulatory year workshop

We ran a workshop with stakeholders on 8 November to discuss the implications of changes in two topic areas - National Grid Gas Transmission’s capacity baselines, and the different timings of the Gas Charging Year (October - September) and the Regulatory (Revenue Recovery) Year (April - March). You can read the slides here.

National Grid Gas Asset Health Webinar

We ran an asset health webinar on 13 November with stakeholders to talk through various options, providing indicative costs for each option as well as their impacts on safety, environmental and reliability.

You can read the slides here.


British Ceramic industry

National Grid ran a webinar with members from the British Ceramic industry to find out their requirements from the Gas Transmission System in the future. The slides for the webinar can be found here

Upcoming engagement events 

If you have any questions about any of our events - please contact Jane Morris 

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