ESO RIIO 2 Stakeholder Group

ESO Stakeholder Group ensures that stakeholders have a credible voice

ESO RIIO 2 Stakeholder Group

ESO Stakeholder Group ensures that stakeholders have a credible voice

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Chair’s blog

"I believe the ERSG has such an important role to play in delivering the RIIO2 framework and, ultimately, driving value for end consumers." Read Charlotte Morgan's full blog here.

The ESO RIIO-2 Stakeholder Group has been set-up to scrutinise and challenge our stakeholder engagement approach and draft business plan to ensure the ESO reflects consumer and stakeholder priorities and will deliver value for consumers.

We established the ESO Stakeholder Group to ensure that stakeholders have a credible voice in how we develop our business plan for the next RIIO regulatory price control period. The group is not designed to replace the wide ranging engagement we will undertake as we develop our business plan proposals but rather to provide a focussed review of our approach and conclusions.


We engage with stakeholders in developing our business plan.

The Group is independently-chaired and is drawn from a cross-section of customers, service providers and public interest groups. For example, it includes representatives from larger and smaller generators, network owners, energy suppliers and consumer bodies among others. Members are selected based on their expertise across a broad range of energy issues.

As well as providing scrutiny and challenge of our business plan priorities, the Group assesses how we have engaged with stakeholders during the plan’s development and will report to the regulator Ofgem with its findings. Ultimately, the aim is to ensure that the business plan delivers value for consumers and that it fairly represents the priorities of our stakeholders.

Stakeholder panel

What is the group responsible for?

Latest news

Keeping you involved in and informed of our RIIO-2 is very important to us. In this, our second ESO RIIO-2 bulletin we provide updates on our activities over the last couple of months, what we are working on at the moment and details of upcoming engagement events that you can get involved in.

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The ESO Stakeholder Group acts in an advisory capacity and is not a decision-making body. It meets quarterly, starting in July 2018, through to the fourth quarter of 2019.

The role of the Group is to challenge and test the ESO’s business plan and the way we have engaged with stakeholders and incorporated their feedback into our plan. Are we being ambitious enough with our plans? Are we properly reflecting the needs of the wider stakeholder community? Is our risk profile appropriate?

The Group looks at areas such as our total spend and efficiency targets, the focus of our innovation strategy and whether we are being truly representative of stakeholder views.

What do they do?

We are due to submit our ESO business plan to Ofgem in in Q4 2019. Alongside this document, the ESO will also submit a Stakeholder Report which outlines the work we have done to engage with stakeholders throughout the plan’s development and what we have learned from the engagement process.

To coincide with the submission, the Chair of the ESO RIIO-2 Stakeholder Group will produce a report for Ofgem on behalf of the members, summarising the parts of our plan it agrees with and any areas of concern. The report will also assess the scope and quality of our stakeholder engagement.

The report will then act as a reference point for Ofgem on any areas of our business plan that might require further scrutiny.

Key dates

The date for the first ESO Stakeholder Group meeting has been confirmed as 25 July 2018. We will publish dates of future meetings below.

The dates for subsequent meetings are:

  • 14 November
  • 30 January
  • 1 May
  • 31 July

Meeting documents

July 2018 meeting agenda and papers
July 2018 meeting minutes